FinTech Start-Up BetterTradeOff Unveils Life-Planning Platform ‘Up’ To Help Singaporeans Take Control of the Future Through Better Financial Decisions

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 28 November 2019 - FinTech start-up BetterTradeOff (BTO) announced today the launch of a revolutionary online solution that allows people to take control of their future and unleash new possibilities through better financial decisions.

Named 'Up', the platform dramatically simplifies the financial planning process, providing people with a do-it-yourself tool for exploring and understanding different financial choices and outcomes. Interactive, highly visual, and fun to use, 'Up' makes it easy for people to see and understand the impact of each decision they make, while exploring a wide range of financial situations, including family composition; life events (such as purchasing a new home); expenses and income; CPF, savings and investments (including tax implications); education costs and financing; insurance and debt.

Laurent Bertrand, founder and CEO of BetterTradeOff, shares why BTO built the tool: "We developed 'Up' to combat the complexities of traditional financial planning, building a fun, and easy to use online tool that allows anyone, regardless of financial acumen, to explore and plan a better future. 'Up' lets people take control of the future and unleash new possibilities through better financial decisions".

How 'Up' Revolutionizes the Industry

Traditional financial planning practices are institution-driven, they are not individual-driven; often leading to a lack of clarity and transparency -- resulting in mistrust in the industry and leaving many people significantly underinvested. A free, web-based tool, 'Up' puts people in control of their future, allowing them to answer tough financial questions on their own, such as 'do I have enough to retire?', 'can I give my kids the education they deserve?', 'can I afford to buy my own home?', 'do I have adequate insurance coverage?', helping alleviate fear and anxiety, while making them better prepared to engage with banks and financial institutions. 'Up' brings the benefits of sound financial planning to all, regardless of financial literacy or income levels. 

The platform is available at A mobile versions of the tool will be launched in the coming months.

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28 Nov 2019

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