Job seekers can now upload resumes on JobTech and let the site’s artificial intelligence identify the most suitable job openings.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - August 7, 2017 - JobTech today launched its latest feature -- My Dream Job -- to help job seekers snag the perfect job with just one upload.


"We want JobTech to do the heavy lifting for job seekers out there," said JobTech co-founder Charlotte Lim. "Simply upload your resume and our technology will reveal the day's top five job openings that best match your skills. No need to put in keywords, it's all automatic."


Ms Lim added: "Our leading advantage is being able to offer more job matches than any other technology out there. This allows us to provide opportunities that job seekers do not realize they qualify for, and show them exactly how their skills match the jobs."


JobTech unveiled this capability with a "Superhero" campaign aimed to coincide with this year's National Day theme of harnessing the country's "diversity and leaving no one behind." "In the same way, My Dream Job helps to uncover and harness the diverse 'Superhero' skills of job seekers, giving them broader job matches to make sure no one misses out on any opportunity while searching for their dream jobs online," said Ms Lim.


Ernest Tan, 40-year-old, who has been looking for a job in Precision Engineering for the past 3 months said, "As a job seeker, I was getting frustrated not knowing why my resume was not getting me an interview. I need to get past all the noise and to the true situation." The new feature will allow JobTech users like Ernest to easily identify best matched jobs and how their skills match the jobs.


Instead of traditional keyword matching, the technology uses semantic fingerprinting, which results in smarter and more accurate job matches. People looking for jobs do not need to enter keywords such as "Leadership Skills" as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automatically pick out a phrase like "led a team of 50" to show leadership skills.


JobTech, Singapore's leading AI and Big Data Analytics company, uses AI to guide job fit by providing accurate job openings and identifying in-demand skills in nine key sectors: Information and communications technology, banking and finance, electronics and semiconductor, biotech and pharmaceuticals, government, energy and chemicals, marine and offshore, healthcare, and logistics.


Launched in late 2016, JobTech routinely releases state-of-the-economy jobs reports for key industries, identifying and predicting job roles and technical skills that are highly sought by Singapore employers, as part of its mission to help the unemployed find jobs more effectively and efficiently. JobTech predicts that the Banking & Finance sector will continue its trend of strong hiring for the rest of the year, with growth driven by demand for job roles like Data Scientist/Analyst.


About JobTech

JobTech is Singapore's leading Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technology start-up that provides real-time labour market intelligence and optimized job matching tools. Our core technology took 10 years to build by top researchers at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), a part of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research's(A*STAR).

We apply the technology platform to provide complete and accurate visibility of online jobs market around the world. In Singapore, our technology tracks and analyses more than 90% of online jobs. Our customers include: financial institutions, government, recruiters, and consultancy firms.

Our strong technology foundation allows us to be obsessed with powering the jobs economy. This means building products and solutions that reduce frictions in the job market and drive human resource productivity.


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