• Pioneering report explains how journalists interact with press releases
  • Insights help agencies and public relation professionals build stronger media relationships and execute more effective communications programs

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 25 April 2019 - Media OutReach, Asia Pacific's first global newswire has launched a pioneering Media and Journalist Insight Dashboard to address one of the biggest business challenges faced by the PR industry -- gaining accurate insights into how journalists interact with press releases. This insight also addresses question on whether press releases are still relevant in the digital age by proving that journalists do read press releases that are sent to them.

Media and Journalist Insights

The new reporting tool leverages Media OutReach's proprietary distribution, tracking and reporting technology and a database of more than 80,000 journalists in 22 countries across Asia Pacific. This qualitative measurement tool is new to the PR industry and addresses one of the most challenging aspects -- understanding how the media uses any releases issued. The results allow PR professionals to know precisely which media is interested in their news. This information helps PR professionals to gain knowledge of their targeted media and supports the development of strategic communication plans. This is especially important for PR professionals with regional responsibility as this insight allow them to understand the media interest country-by-by country.

This new qualitative measurement tool shares information on how many journalists receive a press release, details how many open it -- both by publication and by country -- and pinpoints the conversion rate between releases opened and those written up.

"At Media OutReach, we invest in technology innovations that address the challenges faced by the PR industry. As the only newswire with our own distribution network in Asia Pacific, we aim to work on creating better distribution and reporting to enhance efficiency. With the introduction of the Media and Journalist Insight Dashboard, we are providing the answer to a question that has long been a nearly impossible challenge ," said Jennifer Kok, Founder and CEO of Media OutReach.

This pioneering report is provided free-of-charge as part of Media OutReach's standard post release reporting package. It enables PR professionals to gain insights into specific media following each news release.

"Since not every press release garners a write up by journalists, tracking each reporter's interaction with a release is particularly important to communication professionals. It helps them to ascertain media interest. Over time, this offers a precise understanding of which stories capture media attention, which don't, and reveals which media are following each client's news. The Dashboard is an invaluable asset when it comes to building relationships with journalists and crafting PR strategies," she said.

Media OutReach clients can download the full report, segmented by publication and by country, into an Excel spreadsheet.

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