Visit this Surreal Sci-fi City to Experience an Illusionary Fashion Presentation under the Neon-lit Backdrop

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 22 October 2020 - Brought to you by Hong Kong Design Centre, rolled out in 2018 #ddHK (Design District Hong Kong) is a 3-year Creative Tourism and Placemaking Project. Starting from Oct 17, they have launched the latest initiative for #ddHK2020/21 "transFORM". They are collaborating with shops in Sham Shui Po, local creative units and recognised international experts to design and create different elements, transforming Sham Shui Po into a futuristic metropolis, otherwise known as the Heart of Cyberpunk (HOCP). #ddHK envisions Sham Shui Po as a 3-year pop-up "open-air design district gallery, in hopes of showcasing the local community and visitors the distinct charm of Hong Kong.



Immersive Fashion Experience - Heart of Cyberpunk Main Base

(Actual event photo)


This new creative placemaking project aims to strengthen the connection between the public and visitors within the Sham Shui Po community, which is why the event was placed strategically at the Tung Chau Street Temporary Market, which extends to 13 nearby specialty shops at Tai Nan Street and beyond, creating a futuristic Sham Shui Po, "SSP CITY".


An homage to the creative industry of Hong Kong

Many creative masterminds have come together to take part in creating a futuristic SSP CITY. Fashion is the initiator of this event, given the background of the district, known for its vast supply of fabrics and accessories. The project team has engaged 10 local up and coming fashion and accessories designer units to design 30 outfits. We were fortunate enough to have Pierre (Figure Production expert), and Amus Leung (Figure Outfit Production) to create handmade action figures in ten different outfits. We have also picked up ten outfits to display at the HOCP Main Base in a movie-style setting, created by set designers, Lydia Chan and Calvin Tsoi, who also took part in creating the sets for "Ghost in the Shell", "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and other International films.


In order to create a real filming ambience, we enlisted Chris Skinner, an illustrator who have worked on Marvel movies along with many other classics to design the setting, we also invited renowned multimedia artist, Tristan Jalleh to design and shot our "movie-trailer" style promo videos. Partnering with Streetsigns HK, a local non-profit, we can make the setting more authentic, and highlight the cultural heritage of Hong Kong by showing the city's most defining feature: neon street signs that Streetsigns HK collected. Each street sign has its own story, from its origin and the meaning it carried, to when it was taken down, all these are documented and ready for exploration at the event.


Before experiencing HOCP at the Main Base, the guests will first be impressed by the stunning pieces of Mural Arts created by four international and local artists. At specific times, they will have a chance to immerse themselves in an illusionary fashion experience. ØFFËRÎNGŠ, a multi-disciplinary artist, has designed this experience for guests to feel like they are in otherworldly spaces, full of fantasy and mystique. Works of local artists including comic artist Kong Kee(江記), cultural icon, Tony Wong (黃玉郞), movie director and Leung Chung Man (梁仲文) were exhibited at various spots of the Main Base, fully immersed in the futurist setting.


A collaborative community event

 To have a real taste of local cultures and the defining qualities of Sham Shui Po, #ddHK invited the HOCP visitors to reach out to the nearby community. Aside from the main venue at Tung Chau Street Temporary Market, HOCP has transformed Form Society as the Exhibition Shop, and lined up two Fashion Experience Stations at Luen Cheong Leather and #ED Warehouse, and 10 Design Exhibits in shops all at Sham Shui Po.  The uniqueness of these collaborative shops such as a newly opened barbershop, the Gentry, a leather shop Luen Cheong Leather, that has been around for over 70 years; an iconic 1970s-style roadside hawker shop for wholesale and retail fabrics; coffee shops, as well as Qi Pao Traditional Chinese dress maker, allowing participants to explore and appreciate the vast variety of Sham Shui Po. With the weekend Cybermarket that takes place at HOCP Main Base, there are 23 shops who come from street stalls, upstairs hidden handmade good shops, online stores, as well as small boutiques, with creative entrepreneurs who are trying to make a difference in a place they call home.


Sham Shui Po has its own identity -- how much do you know?

#ddHK celebrates authentic culture and creativity, using design to liven up the unique "Heung Gong Dei" (a vernacular name of Hong Kong) experience, which embodies our collective local identity and affection for this city and be made possible by the contribution of generations of Hong Kong citizen.


As one of the oldest districts in Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po has endured years of changes and challenges, resulting in its unique identity, cultures, architecture and community, HOCP event aims to not just create an exhibition at the Main Base but hopes that Hong Kongers will have a better understanding of what this district is about. As a part of HOCP event, local social enterprise, Kaifong Tour will bring the participants into the district  to see and feel the district in a different way. The tour, led by local residents, will be telling stories about the customs of the area, ethnic minorities, street dwellers, cubicle and rooftop living structures and Tung Chau Street Flyover when navigating around. There are two types of tour available, an online version (SSP Cyberpunk Voyage), where more people can join and follow on this digital journey of the area; and the SSP Cyberpunk Story -- this is where participants can come explore Sham Shui Po with the tour guide, to walk through the hidden alleys and side streets.


Sham Shui Po, as the urban landscape is so distinct, has had such a huge influence on classic Cyberpunk movies from the 70s/80s that depict a future city, such as Blade Runner and Akira. Hollywood production, Ghost in the Shell (2017) was even shot right here in Sham Shui Po. For those interested in this topic, they are welcome to attend talks arranged by this event to learn more about the  close tie between Hong Kong and Cyberpunk. 

#ddHK has brought about different design experience by working with over 200 units from different sectors since its launch in 2018. , The successful launch of HOCP and the special experience that is offering are ascribed to the hard work of over 80 designers and collaborators and the staff working at the front of house and behind the scenes. Special thanks to the support of the collaborators and staff who are in fact local residents of Sham Shui Po and hope they can be pride of being a part in this community-wide event. 

Heart of Cyberpunk Event Details


Public Open days

October 17 - 25


Fashion Experience

October 17, 18, 24, 25

[Block 1-3, Tung Chau Street Temporary Market, 269 Tung Chau St, Sham Shui Po, Form Society, Luen Cheong Leather, #Ed Warehouse]


Cybermarket & Workshops

October 17, 18, 24, 25

(see #ddHK Facebook for more information)



October 17 - 25



October 18 16:45-17:30 - To View Cyberpunk from the world of films

October 21 16:00-16:45 -Hong Kong Cyberpunk: Dragon's Delusion

October 24 16:45-17:30 -When Toys Encounter Cyberpunk

October 25 16:45-17:30 - Can Cyberpunk be without signboard?


Design Exhibits in Shops

October 17 - November 8


Guided Tours

October 17, 18, 24, 25

(see #ddHK Facebook for schedule)


Limited Edition Designers' Products

October-November, available at designated shops

(see #ddHK Facebook for schedule)


Block 1-3, Tung Chau Street Temporary Market, 269 Tung Chau St, Sham Shui Po

And nearby shops and community

October 17-25

12:00 - 20:00 (last admission: 19:00)


Exhibition Shop

October 17 - November 8

Mon - Fri 13:00 - 20:00

Sat - Sun 12:00 - 20:00

(last admission: 19:00)


Form Society, 186 Tai Nan St. Sham Shui Po


Mural Arts

Starting Oct 17


Yen Chow Street Underpass & Water Reclamation

Facility of Drainage Services Dept. at Yen Chow Street


Free Admission

(Pre-registration is required for selected events)

*Due to the current pandemic, the event organiser has the right to cancel or postpone the event to a later date with no prior notice. We apologise for any inconvenience. Stay informed via our #ddHK social media platforms for the latest updates. 


For more information about the event, please visit:


Facebook: @designdistricthk

Instagram: @designdistricthk_ddhk

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