Heartfelt, Simple and Tasty

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 28 October 2020 - Hongkongers lead hectic lifestyles and are always on the lookout to try different cuisines anytime, anywhere. Committed to providing Heartfelt, Simple and Tasty food, 7-Eleven is the place to discover delicious new flavours on the go. In this update, we're excited to be launching 7-Eleven's own brand 7-SELECT Fish Meat Shao Mai with Spicy Chicken Flavoured Sauce. Made with a fiery sauce commonly used on a popular Sichuanese delicacy, this snack is a new taste sensation now available in Hong Kong around the clock!


An all-time favourite Hong Kong snack with a spicy Sichuan twist!

Whether for breakfast, afternoon tea or a late-night treat, fish meat shao mai is a tasty and tasty street food snack beloved by Hongkongers. The combination of fish meat shao mai, soy sauce and a touch of spicy chilli oil is a match made in heaven! 7-SELECT is delighted to launch Fish Meat Shao Mai with Spicy Chicken Flavoured Sauce ($14). Try this Hong Kong classic paired with a fiery Sichuan chicken flavoured sauce and savour its rich and spicy lip-tingling taste!

Delightfully delicious: 7-SELECT Bee Bun with Red Bean Paste

Dim sum restaurants are not the only place for adorable character buns -- you can now get your hands on them at 7-Eleven at a great value price. Introducing the 7-SELECT Bee Bun with Red Bean Paste ($10)! This tasty treat joins the 7-SELECT range, along with the Golden Pig Custard Bun and Assorted Mushroom Bun launched in our previous new product update. Shaped like a cute bee and filled with soft red bean paste, this delicious bun is perfect for kids of all ages -- for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert.



Sweet treats to warm you up this autumn

As the temperature drops this autumn, there is no better time to enjoy a traditional, warming bowl of "tong sui" or Chinese dessert. 7-Eleven is launching two new sweet desserts -- the 7-SELECT Bean Curd and Gingko Nuts Dessert ($18) and 7-SELECT Black Sesame Sweet Soup ($18). The Bean Curd and Gingko Nuts Dessert has an indulgently smooth texture. It is made with gingko, a nutrient-rich ingredient that can help rejuvenate your skin. It also contains barley which can help to reduce water retention as well as heatiness in the body. The perfect pick-me-up as the weather becomes drier and cooler.


The Black Sesame Sweet Soup contains nutritious black sesame paste, rich in vitamin E which has anti-ageing properties. It's a healthy dessert that will supplement your calcium levels and may help lower blood pressure. Great tasting and good for you!



Heartfelt, Simple and Tasty

7-Eleven own brand products undergo a rigorous product development process at every stage, from selection of suppliers and ingredients, product sensory checks, quality control to even packaging design to ensure consistent quality. We hope these new own brand products showcased in this update bring enjoyment to our customers and enable you to experience tasty meal solutions anytime, anywhere. 7-Eleven own brand 7-SELECT products are good value, individually packaged, quick to prepare, convenient and tasty.


* All stated prices are valid from 28 October - 10 November 2020.  Prices might change without notification.  Product price shown at the store will be final.


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