Enabling parents and children to build a greener world by taking their first steps in recycling formula cans

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - To encourage Hong Kong citizens to lead greener lives, Mead Johnson Nutrition Hong Kong ("Mead Johnson"), one of the brands under Reckitt Benckiser ("Reckitt"), officially launched its city-wide "We CAN Protect the Future" Formula Cans Recycling Program in early April. Created in partnership with 24-hour online shopping platform, HKTVmall under Hong Kong Television Network Limited ("HKTVmall") and the World Green Organisation ("WGO"), the program aims to raise awareness among the public on the importance of recycling and urge parents to safeguard the future of their children by taking immediate actions to protect the environment and be the role models of green living.


According to a recent survey, only around 30% of interviewed parents would recycle the used formula cans in Hong Kong[1]. With collection points at 6 HKTVmall O2O Shops across the city, the Program offers consumers easy access to a reliable channel to recycle and transform their used formula cans into useful raw materials to reduce waste and protect our environment.


The Program accepts cleaned formula cans from all brands and rewards participating parents with HKTVmall e-vouchers that can be used for online purchase[2]. To ensure proper storage and transportation of all collected cans, all brand logos and brand names will be erased before a specialized delivery team transports the cans from HKTVmall O2O Shops to a local recycling plant. The cans will then be destructed and shipped to another facility for further processing. Molten metal will be recycled into raw metal materials for different purposes, such as for construction use.


"Reckitt is driven by its purpose, do the right things, always. Mead Johnson as one for the core brands of Reckitt also upholds this mission, it not only provides high-quality nutrition products, but has been working hand in hand with our consumers to safeguard the environment and nourish the best start in life for more than a century," said Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Reckitt's General Manager Hong Kong, Taiwan & Cross-Border. "Through the partnership with HKTVmall and WGO to offer a convenient and reliable recycling channel, we hope to empower parents and their children to build recycling habits at an early stage, and hence create a cleaner, healthier world."


Ms. Jelly Zhou, Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong) at Hong Kong Television Network Limited, added, "HKTVmall is committed to enhancing Hong Kong people's quality of life via innovative technologies. We also highly value social responsibility in promoting a culture of environmental protection and resource conservation. Through this partnership with Mead Johnson and WGO, it not only endows a value to the used items through reducing wastage and promote recycling awareness, but also spread the message of environmental protection to everyone. Let us make changes in our daily lives with everybody's joint efforts, encourage sustainable development for Hong Kong and all over the world." HKTVmall, as co-organiser of the Program, shares their store networks to facilitate the mechanism of the recycling process. It helps mobilizing Hong Kong citizens to join the program in different areas simultaneously and promoting recycling in the city.


WGO acts as the supporting organisation to provide professional advice on improving the overall can recycling experience in this Program. "WGO is pleased to drive the formula cans recycling programme with Mead Johnson and HKTVmall" said Dr. William Yu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organisation. "We look forward to seeing different stakeholders in society, including manufacturers, retailers and the public to join hands and promote recycling, and facilitating a green future for our next generation."


The "We CAN Protect the Future" Formula Can Recycling Programme runs every Monday and Wednesday, from now until 30th June 2021.


For more details, please visit: https://cloud.marketing.hktvmall.com/canrecycle2021


[1] Baby Kingdom Online Survey on formula can recycling habits (2019)

[2] From 7th April to 30th June, participants can redeem an e-voucher (HKTVmall HK$50 Dettol Product or HK$200 Mead Johnson Nutrition Selected Product) for every successful return of a cleaned formula can, up to four e-vouchers per day. Distribution of e-vouchers may vary depending on availability at different shops. E-vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last and check with the on-duty staff for details on collection day. Offers are subject to Terms and Conditions and can be found here: https://bit.ly/3mtsEJU   

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