HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 25 October 2021 - Nowadays, many uniforms are still very traditional, which are visually unattractive and outdated. 'Flint Ideas'- a shirt-printing & uniform customization Company, understands that visually unappealing uniforms could affect the mentality of many workers, thereby reducing work efficiency and service quality.


In this regard, the local creative uniform company- Flint Ideas, with the motto of 'More than just a Uniform', is committed to creating uniform fashion lines that bring out strong brand images. The company has launched the service of uniform fashion design, to create uniforms that are fashionable and visually appealing. The visual of the uniform is very important to many businesses since the appropriate uniform fashion helps to create a strong brand image, which would then enhance work confidence and efficiency.


Nowadays, Uniform Fashion has increasingly attracted more attention in Western countries. In addition, the green uniforms of the characters in the popular Korean drama 'Squid Game', have become the highlight of many discussions. The Uniform & shirt wear fashion design team of Flint Ideas has taken inspiration from the fashion design of the popular drama, to promote the concept of visually attractive and comfortable uniform and t-shirt wear fashion.


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